Yellow Self Print 16"x16" + 2 Cream Oriental 12"x12" : Set of 4

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  • Package Content: This is a mix and match set with 2 sets of cushion covers in 2 different sizes. Package contains 2 cushion covers in size 16"x16" and 2 cushion covers in size 12"x12. There is no filler / insert in the package.

The 2 bigger cushion covers (size 16"x16") are lemon yellow in colour in the front and is made with self design Dupion Silk material. Back of the cushion covers are in plain Dupion Silk material.

The 2 smaller cushion covers (size 12"x12") are made with cream / off white brocade material with the back of the covers in olive green Dupion Silk.

Washing Instructions: Hand Wash with Gentle Detergent. Steam Press in warm setting. No Hot Iron to be used.

  • Overlapping flaps at the back.

The covers complement each other beautifully and are a great gift to give to your family friends and acquaintances. 

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